Sergi Castellà

the right air max

Sergi Castella reinterpretation of The Myth of Sisyphus

Created and rewritten by Sergi Castellà

Directed by Sergi Castellà and Oriol Barcelona

Starring Candela Capitan, Pedro Attenborough, Red Blend, Nayat and Sara Cheikh and Neï Lydia

Music by Red Blend and wbms

Produced by Cream-Paris
Production Manager Rafa Mesa

Director of Photography Oriol Barcelona
Art direction Teresa Montanuy
Stylist Heni Kiss
Mua Gloria Rico and Patricia Reyes for the Cheikhs
Editors Xavi Trilla and Sergi Castellà
Colorist  Emiliano Serantoni
Visual effect Mathematic
Mix and Sound design THE